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All One Electrical Privacy Policy.

Version 1.1

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Here at All One Electrical we value our clients and your right to privacy. We believe in being completely transparent with the way we handle your details. Collecting your information is essential for us to provide our service to you. It also helps us to understand our client’s needs and enables us to grow with our clients and ensure we can always provide you with the most up to date services. We understand that your privacy is important to you and that you have the right to control your personal information. We know you care about how your personal information is used and we appreciate your trust that we will handle your information in a sensitive manner. The information we collect from you helps us to provide our clients with a personalized service and helps us to continually improve your experience with us. The following policy covers how All One Electrical collects and uses your personal information. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this policy you can contact us via email on and we will endeavor to get back to you within 24hrs – 48hrs.

1. What information does All One Electrical collect?

We collect personal information that you knowingly provided to us, such as your name, company name, email address, address, and any financial information you may supply us with. We also collect other non-personal information through our website and marketing, such as your IP Address, Location, Time and Date of Viewing etc. This helps us to better understand our clients.

As a business from time to time we will use public accessible information, such as Business Cards, Yellow Pages and information readily available online, in compliance with the ‘Australian Privacy Laws’ and the Australian ‘Spam Act 2003’. We will never collect information from you that is not necessary to complete business with you or provide you with our services.

2. How and when is the information collected?
Your personal information will only ever be collected if you knowingly provide us with the information or it is publicly accessible information collected in compliance to the ‘Australian Privacy Laws.’ When you contact All One Electrical with an enquiry or make an enquiry online, you may be asked to provided us with basic information like your name, phone number, email address and company name. This information is recorded by All One Electrical, so we can contact you and provided you with a service customised to your needs. If you proceed with a job you may be required to provide us with further details like your address, credit card number or other information, to make it possible for us to complete your job and process your payment. This information is handled with care, with your privacy in mind at all times.

Non-personal information, is collected through your web browser when you visit our website, through cookies - this includes information about what web browser you are using, your I.P address, the time you visited and if you have visited before. This information is collected, in reports for us to have a better look and understanding of our clients. Similarly through our marketing campaigns, we collect information through reports, of where our clients are located in the world, how many views our campaigns receive, what time they are viewed and who has opened them. This is all put together in reports and analysed by our marketing team so we can keep moving forward with our clients.

3. What is the information used for?
Personal information and non-personal information, is used only for our own internal purposes by our team members. Our team understand the importance of your privacy and will only ever handle your information confidentially within All One Electrical. Personal information is used for fulfilling requests and providing you with our services, as well as completing your jobs. Non-Personal information is used for providing, maintaining, evaluating and improving our website and marketing systems. We also use information from our clients to continuously improve our services and ensure we provided clients with the services they are looking for within our scope.

4. Will All One Electrical ever disclose my information?
We will never disclose your information to other companies, unaffiliated third parties, third party service providers, online partners or affiliates. Your information will only ever be handled by internal staff members in a case sensitive manner. All One Electrical will only ever disclose information where required or authorized by law, or to assist the lawful investigation of a law enforcement authority. If information ever has to be disclosed, we will do so in compliance with the ‘Australian Privacy Laws.’ In the case that we do need to disclose information, we will first ensure that the information request by law enforcement or private litigants meets applicable legal standards.

5. What about when I make a payment?
We will only ever collect payment details from you when you knowingly provided them to us and we will never process payments without your consent. Our Credit Card Form collects information from you when you digitally sign the form, this includes information such as the date and time of the event, your IP address and other information about the browser or device used to send, sign, delegate, approve, or take other actions with respect to the document. This information is collected to ensure the authenticity of your digital signature. Credit Card Forms are kept on file by our accounts team, to ensure there is no fraudulent conduct, on behalf of you and ourselves. We do everything in our power to ensure the confidentiality of this information and we will never disclose this information to third parties, unless for legal reasons. When you email this form back to us it uses your email server, this is at your own risk, as this is external to All One Electrical we cannot guarantee the safety of your email server. Please view your email providers’ privacy policy for more information.

6. What choices do I have?
We at All One Electrical we understands your right to your privacy, if at any stage you wish not to provided us with information, don’t stress it is more than okay and our team will understand. This may make it hard for us to provide you with our services though. If at any stage you feel uncomfortable, you can talk to one of our team members and they will be happy to speak to you about what the information is used for and why it is used. We will never ask for any information outside of our general business. If you are still uncomfortable, you can contact our privacy officer at for more information. You can also opt out of providing us with non-personal information by disabling cookies in your web browser. For more information on how to do this and guarding your privacy you can search cookies under the help tab in your web browser. Disabling cookies may make it hard for you to access sections of our website and take full benefit of our website.

7. How can I access and update my information?
If at any time you would like to know what information we have, or you would like to update your information in our system, you can speak with one of our team or alternatively you can send an email to

8. What are cookies and clear gifs? And what does All One Electrical use them for?
A cookie is a small file placed on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies do not personally identify you, but identify your browser. Almost all websites you visit these days use cookies. They are used to track the behavior of the websites users. We use cookies to track the use of our website and to have a better understanding of our clients. Cookies help us to track the number of visits to our website and to determine over all traffic patterns. We can also look at this information, to see which areas of our website are most commonly accessed. This helps us to understand our target audience and better customise our services for you.

If you do not want to receive any cookies, you may set your web browser to refuse cookies. This may mean you cannot take full advantage of the All One Electrical website. This also means that any information that would have been gathered during your visit to our website, cannot be used to better our services in the future. A simple search in your web browsers help section should provide you with the information you need to disable cookies if you choose. For more information on cookies or how to disable them you can visit the website.

Clear Gifs (aka Web Beacons/Web Bugs) are transparent images often no larger than a 1x1 pixel. They are placed on a web page or in an email and are used for monitoring the behavior of the user visiting the website or receiving the email. The tiny graphics are no bigger than the size of a period at the end of a sentence and function a lot like a cookie. Unlike a cookie though, a clear gif is embedded invisibly on a web page, where as a cookie is stored on your hard drive. The information gathered by clear gifs is used in the same manner as cookies.

9. What information does All One Electrical use for marketing emails and how does All One Electrical get my contact details?
One of All One Electrical's forms of marketing, that we use occasionally is our email marketing campaigns. As a business we are bound to abide by the Australian ‘Spam Act 2003’. This act covers email, mobile phone messages and instant messages; the ‘Spam Act 2003’ does not cover any communication via fax, voice telemarketing or Internet pop-ups. The ‘Spam Act 2003’ is governed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) - for further information on Anti-Spam laws you can visit the spam section of the ACMA website here

There are several ways to subscribe to our mailing lists, which are all in line with the ‘Spam Act 2003.’

    1. if you have purchased any products from us more than once in the last two years

    2. verbally whilst talking with your team members, you may be asked if you would like to subscribe to our marketing emails

        and you can choose to accept or decline

    3. if your contact details are publicly displayed (eg. on a website, brochure or magazine) and our services directly relates to that your line

        of work - unless these details are published including a statement that you do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial electronic


    4. you may also ask one of our team members to subscribe if you wish

If you wish to unsubscribe from this list there is an unsubscribe link included at the bottom of all of our marketing emails. Alternatively you can email our Privacy Officer at and let them know that you wish to be removed from all future marketing from our company.

Our marketing material uses clear gifs (Please see what are cookies and clear gifs? above for more information) we use this information to analyse how successful our marketing campaigns are. We can view whether or not you have opened the emails, what way you have viewed the email (ie. whether it was in your email or using your web browser) and our most popular locations throughout the world for views. Most email campaigns that you receive will use similar information to gage how successful campaigns are and the audience viewing habits. This all helps marketers to better understand their target audience and build successful marketing campaigns. If you are at any time uncomfortable with this you can choose to unsubscribe.

10. Does All One Electrical protect my personal information?
Whenever you provided us with personal information, we use commercially reasonable efforts to protect it from unauthorized access or discloser. We have in place our own internal Policies and Procedures that the team at All One Electrical must abide by. We do not however assume liability for any disclosure of data due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third party access or other acts of third parties, or acts or omissions beyond our reasonable control.

11. Does this privacy policy apply when I access third party websites?
Throughout our website there is direct links to third party websites. When you visit other websites we cannot control how others may use your personal information. If this is something you are worried about you can review their Privacy Policy on their website.


12. Testimonials
From time to time we may use customers testimonials for marketing purposes. If we ever use your testimonial, we will first seek permission from you. If at any time you change your mind and you would like your testimonial removed from anything, you can contact our Privacy Officer at

13. Does the privacy policy ever get updated?
To ensure that our Privacy Policy stays up to date, from time to time we may make changes to ensure that it remains current and in line with our systems at All One Electrical and the ‘Australian Privacy Law.’


14. How can I contact All One Electrical regarding any concerns?
If you have any questions regarding your privacy or this policy you can contact our Privacy Officer at

Alternatively you can call us on – (07) 3805 3724

or contact us by mail


Att: Hailey Michels
26/13 Ellerslie Road,


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All One Electrical Privacy Policy - Version 1.1

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